1. BLACKPINK Rosé <Forrest Gump>
      “The most impressive movie you watched?”
      “Forrest Gump. Watching Forrest Gump working hard on everything seemed so happy.”
This movie was released twenty-nine years ago. <Forrest Gump> begans with the protagonist, Forrest Gump, talking to the next person at a bus stop. Forrest begins his run to escape from the bullying children, and later steadfastly runs whenever he needs to and makes splendid accomplishments. The voice of the protagonist, spoken lightly without embellishment, conveys a heavy emotion.
I recommend you watch him challenge himself without setting limits in a pure and upright manner and think about the true value of life.
      “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get!

2. NCT Jisung <I Want To Eat Your Pancreas>
      “What is your saddest movie?”
      “I Want To Eat Your Pancreas”
      "I watched the animation and it was so fun, so I bought the book and read it. I also watched the film.”

Jisung’s fans would be familiar to this movie, but <I Want to Eat Your Pancreas>, unlike its bizarre-looking title, is a heart-warming and calm story. In the scene where the female protagonist with an incurable disease and the male protagonist who finds out her sickness open their hearts to each other and get closer, you can grasp the feeling of young love. However, the completely unexpected ending leaves a lingering feeling and makes us think about the meaning of life.
If you want to see scenes with colorful colors, watch the animation, if you want to feel the affection added by cinematic elements, watch the film, and if you want to enjoy watching the emotions of the main characters expressed in detail, I recommend the book.
      “I Want To Eat Your Pancreas”
3. THE BOYZ New <IU-Through the Night>
      “Do you have a private playlist?”
      “IU’s Through the Night”
      “I have a bit of insomnia, and I listen to this song when I can't fall asleep.
       I recommend listening to this song when you can't sleep.”
The premiere song of IU’s fourth album [Palette], <Through the Night> is a K-pop masterpiece that has been loved continuously for six years since its release in 2017. Regarding this song that touches everyone’s heart from the first verse, lyricist IU commented as follows. *”’Good night’ is the most authentic love confession I can make.”* Her confession, delivered in a voice of innocence, helps anyone who listens to the song get a good night’s sleep.
I hope everyone you love has a good night's sleep, and recommend you listen to <Through the Night> sung by various singers.
      “I hope you dream a good dream.”
EDITOR | Hyunhui Cho

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