The days when he was the ‘Hyun’ of famous MC ‘Min Na Hyun’ on music show A. Jaehyun had a secret hobby that no one knew about and that was mastering the script for impersonation. At first he seemed shy, but later he seemed to enjoy it. Later on, he even began suggesting impersonation ideas, becoming the mastermind(?) of impersonation of music show A. Jaehyun’s representative impersonation(?) is
“One vongole pasta”
 After mastering it, rumor has it that he was very satisfied with how similar he sounded to the original.

The first day of broadcasting <Thrill Ride> on music show B. The team decided to shoot an intro to show off their good looks along with various props on the set. One of the most popular prop(?) on set was the set team's masterpiece ‘vintage car(fake).’
It is not a real vehicle, so only two very light and sleek members can ride. The Boyz members, who wanted to ride the car, started arguing with each other that they were the lightest. In the midst of the uproar over who gets to ride the car, the leader Sangyeon puts his hands up carefully and says,
“I’m also.... light...”
The words of the muscular leader were lightly passed through,
and the lucky person who gets to ride the car is... Please check out the performance film below.
red velvet irene

A story from last year's <Feel My Rhythm> era.
For Irene's birthday, ReVeluv held an event at a flower cafe. Despite her busy schedule, she visited all the event locations, and even used the flowers which were a gift from fans, as a stage prop on the 'D music show'.
Irene gave a whole stage as a proof shot to her fans. This stage is said to be more special to ReVeluvs.
from a fan: jjubongdan

Dowoon is more genuine on stage than anyone else.
Is he, the Natural Born P.R.O., also nervous about his debut stage?

On the debut day of performing <Even of Day>, he left his drumsticks on the stage and left...
He vowed not to leave it again next week.
But under the pressure of being the ending fairy, he left his drumsticks on the stage again.

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