This was when OH MY GIRL was promoting and performing “Nonstop.” B-SIDE, which are hidden masterpiece songs enjoyed by fans, became famous thanks to IU’s introduction.
DOLPHIN, the splash of water that hit the summer of 2020. 
Recalling the memories of that time, we introduce B-SIDE tracks that are too good to be heard and enjoyed alone.
1. NewJeans - HURT
        "느린 한마디보다  (Dragging words out one by one)
        조용함이 더 좋아" (From your fingers is no fun)
A song that reminds me of the calm winter dawn. It makes a calm but lonely night peaceful. <DITTO> and <HURT> is all you need to make a cold winter night cozy.
It is a song from their US album, and many people don’t know it unless they are fans, but the album itself is a masterpiece. A romantic song that gives out the message that you deserves to be loved. We recommend you to listen to it after reading the interpreted lyrics at least once.
        "어떤 모습으로 무엇이 돼야만 하나  (What should we become, in what form)
        단지 난 겨우 나이기도 벅찬 나인데"  (I'm already overwhelmed, to be myself barely)
An impressive song that sends a message on behalf of our hurt souls with a message of consolation that we are not alone, even in times of doubt. It’s a good song to listen to when you’re straying, or when I’m going home after being scolded by my boss at work.
Its lyrics is linked to that of LO$ER=LO♡ER, so you can get the full experience by listening to both songs together. LO$ER=LO♡ER sings of a magical moment that helps one forget about reality for just a few seconds, and Trust Fund Baby sings of a world where the reality is vague, full of despair, and has little hope. It’s a song that makes you feel somewhat comfortable when you hear it on a cold winter day, feeling like there is no one by your side.
Fans say this song is better than the album title song. It is a song written and composed by Le Sserafim’s member Heo Yoon Jin. It has that high-teen vibe and a slight Japanese rock band vibe to it. Listening to it feels makes you feel like a main character in a high-teen movie.
This song was written by Seventeen’s Woozi, and it is said that he wrote it thinking of a dream he had. In that dream he was waiting for someone alone, watching a pinwheel spinning in a wide field. He said he wrote what he wanted to say to his fans and members in the lyrics. It makes us more attentive to the lyrics, and every word of the lyrics is overwhelming and sad. A song that can make you tear up when you listen to it on your way home or before going to bed.
        사람들은 다들 겉으로만 바람이 차지 않냐 물어봐
        (People only see the outside, And ask if the wind is cold)

A song that makes you want to go on a trip to a place we only know. A number one song that makes you feel good when listening to it going on a trip or driving a car. The way Haechan starts the song is just magical... Listen to this song, and I’m sure you can understand why we all love his singing. It’s a bright and exciting song, but it also holds a sentimental feeling.
8. NCT DREAM - Walk You Home
        “잘 자고 안녕 내일 만나                          (Good night, Goodbye, See you tomorrow)
        몇 시간 뒤면 기다렸던 주말이니까      (In a few hours, it'll be the long-awaited weekend)
        데리러 올테니 늦잠 자고 나서               (I'll pick you up in a few hours, so let's sleep late)
        이따 두시 거기서 우리 다시 만나자"    (and meet again there at 2 o'clock)
Pretty and cute lyrics with a soft melody, just like NCT DREAM. Listening to this song, I feel immersed in the lyrics and get excited. It’s a good song to listen to when you going out to meet someone you like on a sunny day or when you’re on your way home full of excitement after having met that special someone you like.
Editor | Lee Yoobin

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