The first day of BTOB 4U’s 'A music show' was Eun-kwang’s birthday. 
Before pre-recording started, 
they sang congratulatory songs and held a party together. 
Minhyuk was standing behind Eun-kwang, watching him all so happy. 
After the pre-recording ended, 
he visited the waiting room of the production crew alone...

“It’s my birthday next week. 
Can you sing a happy birthday song for me, too?”

And the very next week, the legendary “Happy birthday, Minhyuk” is born 

- From. 'A music show', PD 'K'

There is a camera director in charge of filming MONSTA X at the B music show, 
which is famous for its quality ronin filming technique. 
(That’s right, the very person who appeared in 'program Y')
After the rehearsal, the director and MONSTA X gathered 
and held a meeting on the performance routine. 
In the middle of a serious conversation, 
Hyungwon called the director with a firm look on his face, 
slowly opening his firmly closed lips. 
Everyone waits for what Hyunwon is about to say. What could be the problem?

“It’s good to use **** gel for atopy and eczema…”

Hyungwon, after looking at the scarred hands of 
the camera director, recommends ointment. 
The meeting ended all well, and Hyungwon emphasized 
his recommendation three times before leaving. 
Again before starting the stage and leaving the stage, 
just in case the camera director forgot.

- From. 'B music show', PD 'K'
*Director’s review: It worked like a charm*

This is the story of the time when they were performing ‘JikJin,’ 
D music show has a content that allows viewers to see singers’ outfits 
in advance before the main broadcast. 
Photographer 'I', who was preparing for this content 
on the photo wall before the pre-recording of the track 'U', 
was working on a still photo taken during the ‘Jik Jin’ recording.

“Can I take a look at my photos?”

The photographer is startled by the gentle voice of someone talking to them. 
It was no other than Yoshi. 
Photographer showed Yoshi’s pictures and explained that 
these photos are for the thumbnail of his fancam and Yoshi liked them all. 
Among them, he picked one commenting, 
“I like this picture the best,” and that is how that photo became the thumbnail.

- From. 'C music show', Photographer 'I'

The year-end 'K-pop awards ceremony E' held overseas. 
Rehearsal took place early in the morning as numerous K-pop idols were to perform. 
Camera director J was silently holding the camera 
trying to fight off the cold and drowsiness. 
Then, someone suddenly put something in J’s jacket pocket. 
It was ITZY Chaeryeong who just came down from rehearsals. 
Inside the pocket was a small piece of chocolate.

“Ah... cheer up with some sugar...”

That is what Chaeryeong said to the director in awe from Chareyeong’s sudden gift, 
and then she went to another staff member. 
Although J hesitated for a moment because J had no connection with her before, 
J commented that the chocolate was delicious.

- From. Camera Director 'J'

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