Q1. Among the members, who do you think was the easiest to raise?
Sumin : Isa, because she’s also so calm. 
Seeun : Isa! When I picture our members' childhood in my head, I imagine Isa as a baby who doesn’t cry much and always being the one with a lot of laughter!
J : Isa! I think she would’ve ate and slept well without making a fuss!
Q2. In your opinion, who do you think best captures the meaning of the teddy bear among the members?
Sumin: Sieun and Isa. They give me a lot of realistic advice so that I can take care of myself more.
Sieun: It's Yoon! There was this time I was worried and anxious before going up on stage because I wasn't sure of myself. That’s when Yoon told me, "You can do it. You're Park Sieun." She gave me courage. I wasn’t expecting it, but it really boosted my confidence! 
Isa: I think it's Yoon. She is the tallest in our team, so it kind of feels like hugging a teddy bear when I hug her. And I also picked her because I feel like I receive positive energy just by being next to her.
Seeun: Sumin. It doesn’t really show, but I know that she takes care of me and looks after me. She is the one who quietly stands by my side and is always there for me.
Yoon: Isa. She is a great listener, and I think being with her makes me feel more relaxed. That’s why I think Isa fits best as the teddy bear of our group.
J: Isa. She is always a good listener and she really gets me well. She also genuinely listens to my concerns, which makes her more trustworthy.
The one who is the easiest to raise, and a reliable sister, Isa. Wouldn't each house needs her as the oldest sister?
Q3. Jjangtayc!! You are going to be a huge sensation with your new comeback song! It’s time to be a huge hit in the Kpop and Advertisement business as well! Is there any kind of advertisement you hope to shoot?
Sieun : I want to shoot an electronic device commercial like a cell phone or a delivery food commercial like chicken or pizza! I think we can put STAYC's bright and intense energy into the commercial!
Isa: I want to shoot a soda commercial and a snack commercial.
Yoon: A soda commercial!! The lyrics of our B-side track "POPPY" are "bubbles out, burst" and the sound of pouring soda is included. I think it'll go well with a soda commercial!
Q4. What is the killing part of the song, ‘Teddy Bear?’ Why did you choose that part?
Sieun: Saying, “Oh, right,” and taking a small hand heart out of your heart!
Seeun: There is this part, “Quiet, please, turn on airplane mode”. I think that part best conveys the message we're trying to send and the one that comes to mind the most!
Q5. STAYC has performed charismatic concepts like SO BAD and RUN2U, and bright and energetic concepts like ASAP and Teddy Bear. I wonder which stage the members find more interesting!
Isa: Well, I think it's more fun to be bubbly and able to communicate with the audience while performing on stage. So that’s why Teddy Bear and ASAP are more fun to perform!
Yoon: Personally, I think it's definitely fun to sing energetic and laughable songs. As there's a saying that goes, "You don’t smile because you are happy. You smile because that makes you happy," I feel a lot of energy from all the members when we perform ASAP or Teddy Bear.
Q6. Out of all the STAYC songs, what is your favorite song and why!
Sumin: SO BAD. Maybe because it's our debut song, but I feel more affectionate towards it. And even now, hearing that song brings me vivid memories.
Sieun: It is SO BAD. It was the first song to express STAYC, and I think the overwhelming feeling and beat melody line from SO BAD captures the unique STAYC colors that you can't easily find anywhere else.
Isa: SO WHAT. Thanks to this song, I think I was able to learn in detail why many people like STAYC. Besides the title track, it was the first song I liked so much that I even got goosebumps, hearing this song.
Seeun: SO WHAT. A lot of people said they were comforted by this song. And I was so happy to hear that someone was comforted by my song.
Yoon: SO WHAT! I wanted to be an artist that comforted and moved many people, so I was very attached to SO WHAT, since its lyrics are very comforting.
J: I choose SO WHAT! There are a lot of lyrics that give you comfort and strength. I don't know if it's because of that, but I remember that our fans loved SO WHAT.
STAYC members' favorite songs - <SO BAD> and <SO WHAT>
Q7. If you had the chance to collab with other musicians, who would you collab with? 
Sieun: I really wanted to collaborate with Crush if I had the chance, or this would be like a dream come true, but I want to collaborate with international artists like Ariana Grande!! I feel like it’s going to come out as something completely new!
Ariana Grande, please contact High Up Entertainment for more information.
Q8. What was your favorite outfit as Jjangtayc?
Seeun : The pink hero outfit! It was the first time we wore matching outfits together. We looked so cute, so that’s why it is my favorite!
Yoon: The most memorable outfit is the "Inkigayo" outfit we wore on July 24, 2022. Hair and makeup were all perfect and the fancams looked great, so I watch our performance videos often. Haha
△ 윤이 인증한 가장 완벽한 헤메코, BEAUTIFUL MONSTER 무대를 보고 가자
Q9. When would you like to have your concert? In spring, summer, fall, or winter?
Seeun : Winter! I want to do it on our debut anniversary!! It’s extremely difficult to choose one, but I would love anywhere if we could perform!
Q10. If you guys can produce your own song, what kinds of music would you guys like to do first~?
Yoon: I want to try a rock genre song. It's my favorite genre and one I’m good at, so I think I’ll have a lot of fun working on it. Although I know it’s going to be hard..! And the other thing is, I want to make a fan song about what the things I want to say. We don't have a fan song yet, but I think it'll be really meaningful if we write the lyrics ourselves.
Yoon said she wants to perform rock. Wouldn't we be able to see it at the STAYC concert someday? (The picture above has nothing to do with the rock concept that Yoon wants to try.)
Q11. Do you have any goals or bucket list for 2023?
Sumin : Doing routine exercise to stay healthy.
J: I think I want to develop and study more about self-development. I want to know more about myself.
Editors Lee Yubin, Kang Jiyeon

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