Sangam, the mecca of numerous music programs including SBS The Show and M Countdown. For K-pop fans willing to visit this place, we reviewed Sangam’s famous restaurants recommended by our K-pop idols. 
In fact, we wanted to deal with Deungchon-dong first, but the deadline was tight due to the holiday.
1. ITZY’s PICK - OTTO Gimbap
Sangam IT Tower is located in an alley just outside Sangam’s crowded streets. Our destination was the Sangam branch of OTTO Gimbap located on the first floor of Sangam IT Tower. ITZY recommended the Jamsil branch (of course, because JYP is located near Jamsil), but due to the editor’s circumstances, we visited the Sangam branch. Since it’s a franchise, let’s just hope the food doesn’t taste different. The store is not large as there are only about three to four tables, but it has a cozy atmosphere overall.
Since we visited on behalf of ITZY’s recommendation, we ordered chicken gangjeong, Chaeryeong-recommended spam gimbap, and Yeji-recommended wasabi gimbap.

A failed Yejeolshot. Why is the one on the left holding Lia’s picture instead of Chaeryeong’s? ▷
The fried chicken gangjeong was rather moist than crispy due to its sauce, but it was satisfying because the chicken was thick. Spam gimbap was also delicious. It could have felt slightly bland since it has a lot of cucumbers, but it was well balanced with the salty spam. The editor recommends the spicy wasabi gimbap. 
Three people ate their fill, but it only cost about 20,000 won. In this era of high prices, this is the place where you can eat a meal at a reasonable price. But I heard the Jamsil branch tastes better. Could that be true?

◁ Editor’s PICK. Wasabi Gimbap. It looked like too much at first, but the taste was well balanced.
2. AB6IX Daehwi's PICK - Shinya Tenya
On the second floor of a quiet apartment complex in Sangam, we visited this place after hearing that there was a Tendon restaurant (Shinyatenya) recommended by Dae Hwi. The interior of the store was designed in a neat Japanese-style, and green tea was served instead of water.
A small Tendon restaurant located in the alley of Yeomchang Station Market. Shinyatenya, a famous restaurant for nearby office workers, has grown into a Tendon restaurant franchise that has become well-known throughout Seoul.
We ordered the store’s representative menu, Shinya tendon along with buta tendon and the curry udon set. The editor recommends buta tendon. The fried pork that looks like guobaorou without sauce was amazing. You can also order buta ten, which is served without rice, as a side menu. The combination of rice with soy sauce-based sauce and crispy fried goods was quite attractive. Fried chili peppers were also helpful in controlling the greasiness.

 3. STRAY KIDZ Lee Know’s PICK - KimDulle Sundaeguk
Kim Dulle Sundaeguk recommended by our genius Show! Music Core MC Lee Know. (Look away Inkigayo…) Kim Dulle Sundaeguk, which became known as Jeon Hyun-moo’s go-to place at the Wednesday Food Talk. Thanks to the restaurant being open until midnight, we were able to visit during our overtime shift. That’s the only good to working overtime...!
Just as famous restaurants compete with their main menu, there are only two options on the menu here: sundaeguk and Kim Dulle sundaeguk. Lee Know said he ate what his manager ordered for him, so we had to think for a moment on what Lee Know would have eaten. In the end, we ordered both to compare the taste. The sundaeguk set menu is served with four pieces of bossam and sundae, respectively, along with sundaeguk.

The difference between a regular sundaeguk and a Kim Dulle sundaeguk was that Kim Dulle had a slightly larger portion and had extra ugeoji and badger meat in it. The combination of sundaeguk and ugeoji is very good, so if you are to visit, we recommend you try the Kim Dulle sundaeguk.
The hot soup relieves the stomach, and the sundae or meat had no stench, so it is also good as a hangover food. We still had a long night of editing ahead of us, but we ordered soju anyway. 
Thank you, Lee Know!
Editor | Kang Jiyeon

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