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1. Stray Kids I.N's PICK | Baek Yerin - A walk
“A Walk” is the 6th track in the cover album “Gift” of the singer-songwriter Baek Yerin, member of The Volunteers. A remake of Sorri’s Walk, this song calmly sings of the longing for someone they can never meet again. Unlike the Bosanova-style original song, which emphasized the melody of string instruments, the remake version is a simple composition of the piano and vocals. The soft piano melody and voice brings out a sentimental feeling of longing. Walk through a quiet alley while listening to this song and think of that special someone you miss so dearly.
        "한적한 밤 산책하다 보면                           An empty road, walking alone at night
        어김없이 생각나는 얼굴                             One face comes to mind without exception
        반짝이는 별을 모아 그리는 그런 사람     The face of a person drawn from the stars
        좁다란 길 향기를 채우는                             The narrow path, filled with the smell
        가로등 빛 물든 진달래꽃                             Of azalea growing under the streetlamp
        이 향기를 그와 함께 맡으면 참 좋겠네     I wish I could smell it together with him
        보고 싶어라 그리운 그 얼굴                        I miss him, I want to see his face
        물로 그린 그림처럼 사라지네                     But it evaporates like a drawing made of water
        보고 싶어라                                                     I miss him
        오늘도 그 사람을 떠올리려                         Today, like always, I go on a walk
        산책을 하네"                                                   To remember that person
2. ENHYPEN HEESEUNG's Pick | offonoff - Overthinking
The last track of the first full-length album <boy> by R&B duo offonoff from Club Eskimo. Recommended by ENHYPEN HEESEUNG, this song gives comfort to those who can’t sleep, having so much on their minds. Why don’t we spend the night listening to this song that captures the chaotic and complex feelings?
        "나의 밤은 유난히도 길었어                    My night was exceptionally long
        나의 생각은 그에 못 미쳐서                    My thoughts didn't have anything on her
        혼자 있는 길거리를 걸었어                     
I walked alone on the street
        나무와 별의 모습을 보면서                     while looking at the trees and the stars
        안고 싶은 사람들이 많은데                     There are a lot of people I want to hold
        그래서 난 더 강해져야 하는데                so I have to become stronger
        어떻게 해야 할지를 모르겠어                 I don’t know how I should do it
        그러던 중에 날은 다시 밝았어"               meanwhile another day has begun
3. BTS RM's PICK | Shin Hye Kyung - Aspirin Overdose
The song RM shared on his Instagram story is the title song of Shin Hye Kyung’s EP album < Neap Paradise >, “Aspirin Overdose.” It starts with a dreamy mood as if it were being heard in a dream and slowly switches to a rushing sound. Shin Hye Kyung’s unique dream-like voice seems to summon a long-forgotten faint landscape.
        "그대 이리로 와줘 지금 어디야                 Come here, where are you now?
        아주 못 볼 것 같던 그런 그리움뿐             Just that longing of you as if we could not meet again
        모두 떠나가던 날 아직 선명해                   The day you left is still so clear
        다시 떨어진 곳은 나를 반기고                   The place that left me welcomes me
        있잖아 너무 두려워                                      You know, I’m so afraid
        그대 내게 다가와                                          Can you come to me
        우리 함께 있을래?"                                       And be together?
4. LE SSERAFIM Heo Yoonjin's Pick | wave to earth - Seasons
This song uploaded by Heo Yoon Jin on Instagram is the title track “Seasons” from Wave to earth’s EP album [summer flows 0.02]. Like the title, it is a song that goes well with the mood of all the four seasons, and it stands out with its romantic lyrics and cozy melodies, “I’ll give you all, my life, my seasons, By your side, I'll be your seasons.” How about walking along the sunset river, listening to this song and feeling the season?
        "I can't be your love
        Look, it's too trivial for you now
        Oh my life's fallin apart
        Maybe no one will know if I disappear
        But I'll pray for you all the time
        If I could be by your side,
        I'll give you all, my life, my seasons
        By your side, I'll be your seasons My love"
Editor | Seo Soyeon

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