There are many things SBS KPOP is good at, but we are the best at making fancams.
Through close-up camera shots, we looked back on 2022 of SBS KPOP. Even with fancams,
we could see the heyday for KPOP girl groups, fully bloomed by the 4th generation girl groups. 
In fact, we wanted to go easy on the writing, but we just couldn’t help myself.
Wonder Girls, who created a nationwide syndrome with <Tell Me>. Since then, girl groups that have captivated the public have continued to appear. However, from a business perspective, there were some that viewed girl groups being less likely to obtain sustainable profit than boy groups. However, around the mid-2010s, two girl groups classified as 3rd generation KPOP idols appeared and soon conquered the world.
1. TWICE Nayeon
TWICE, which entered its eighth year this year, made a splendid debut with <Like OOH-AHH> and showed consecutive success with <CHEER UP> and <TT>. Since then, they gained global influence creating various KPOP legends and paved the way to the KPOP girl group heyday.
After renewing the member’s contracts for 2022, TWICE’s first move to the next step was Nayeon’s solo album - <IM NAYEON>. The album name has double meanings as in Nayeon’s full name being “IM NAYEON” and showing the world that “I AM NAYEON.” The title song <POP!> is full of Nayeon’s popping charm. Her first solo album was even ranked in 18 Billboard Charts in the U.S.
BLACKPINK also greatly influenced the 4th generation girl group along with TWICE. BLACKPINK, who now has become an icon that goes beyond KPOP, became the first KPOP girl group to reach the top of the Billboard with its second full-length album <BORN PINK> being ranked top of the Billboard 200 and among the Hot 100.
In their pre-released song <PINK VENOM>, you can feel the confidence and charm of BLACKPINK who has conquered the world. The list of conflicting words such as “poisonous flower” and “fire to slowly put you to sleep” shows a dark and beautiful contrasting image, giving you more than just auditory pleasure.
In particular, we introduce our FaceCam that shows “a thumbnail that you can’t help but press because Jennie looks so cute and Jennie-like.”
As such, the 3rd generation girl group proved the proposition that “we can also build a global fandom and have a public influence.” The way paved by the 3rd generation has inspired the KPOP industry to fully bloom in 2022 by opening the heyday of girl groups.
3. aespa Karina
Aespa is the first runner of the SMCU project presented by SM, who is now leading the huge trend of Culture Universe. The second mini-album <Girls> is a turning point in ending season 1 and continuing a new story with nævis. The title song <Girls> and <Illusion> became sensational among many people, drawing great audio-visual attention. 
We now introduce the legendary FanCam – Karina’s <Illusion> FaceCam.
4. IVE Jang Wonyoung
If you pay attention to IVE’s universe, you will find the keyword ‘narcissism.’ The group’s greeting “Dive into IVE!” and the lyrics at the end of <ELEVEN> saying, “You, the one in front of me / I fell in love with the reflection of me in those eyes.” The foreshadowing of the universe is revealed at <LOVE DIVE>.
And Jang Wonyoung’s mirror princess part ties it up all together. It provides convincing proof of narcissism, falling in love with yourself.
5. LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon
        "Don’t forget the toe shoes I left behind
        Don’t ignore the career I walked."
The speaker who tries to overcome the fear of an uncertain future in <FEARLESS>, gains confidence in themselves in <ANTIFRAGILE>. The narrative spoke out to many young generations, and in response to this, the album <ANTIFRAGILE> surpassed 620,000 pre-orders. In Chaewon’s FaceCam you can enjoy both sides of her charm. Her performance is all so full of passion and energy and seeing her in her white fur outfit is just so cute!
6. NewJeans Minji
Listening to their sophisticated easy-listening pop reminds me of the phrase ‘nothing beats the original.’ The first album <New Jeans> fits perfectly with CEO Min Hee-jin’s philosophy that “people who are tired of mainstream find non-mainstream again, and then the non-mainstream becomes mainstream again.” NewJeans, who cares more about the music itself as much as their music Universe, set a new record for the first time in KPOP girl group history.
They show the comfortable vibe that can only be made at their age in a bright and refreshing way. Seeing Minji unconsciously popping the bubbles floating in the air, you can see the youth that NewJeans is trying to express.
7. Billlie Tsuki
Billlie Tsuki’s FaceCam went viral through various SNS and communities. Interest in Tsuki naturally spread to the entire group, Billlie. Billlie’s main dancer, Tsuki, won the title of being expression rich through FaceCam, and has attracted reactions such as “acting even when she is not being caught on camera” and “capturing opportunities on her own.” <The Strange World> contains questions and emotions that you ask yourself when growing up. Billlie’s philosophy is what makes the public become more curious about what Billlie has in store for the future. 
The legendary FaceCam of Tsuki.
8. Taeyeon
Trustworthy in name and reality. Taeyeon’s third full-length album, <INVU>, which is itself the backbone of KPOP, expresses the most instinctive and complex emotion, “love,” in various ways. Listening to the title song <INVU>, you might even feel like you’re binge-watching a drama.
The more you abandon me and lose me, the more brightly you shine, and that is why “I Envy You.” But “I realize even that is love, my love.” Taeyeon becomes Artemis and explores the essence of love. Looking at her FaceCam, which is an extension of her visual narrative, it seems to say this.

“There was 'Girls’ Generation' before the 3rd generation.”
Editor | Choi Hyeryang

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