This pouch shows life and history. I promised that I would edit the hand stains, but I didn’t have much time. The members all said I was a maximalist, but there was not much in my pouch today. All it had was a perfume that has a really good scent that our youngest Yell loves. And a band that says, “No one says they have it when I look for it!!!” And the pink bear that seems to be a symbol of good luck.
Popping out of the trendy MCM bag, this cute chaos resembles a person named Hwiseo. Hwiseo likes sunglasses and has them in all colors. Why did they bring it to the music show then? Stickers for decorating anything. Why on earth did they bring that to the music show? Buri Buri and Crayon Shin-chan’s rings, which are sold at convenience stores and is a hot sensation among young students. Why on earth did they bring those to the music show?
As the things inside the pouch spill, the members hurriedly cover the manager’s eyes. The manager trembles with betrayal. Since they’re already caught, they try decorating the half-eaten snacks. Perhaps influenced by the leader, pink characters show off their presence here and there. But why are there masking tapes??
This pouch resembles that of the youngest making a fuss. It seems to say, “I can ask my older sisters to give me what I need when I need them.” The cushion compact was given by the leader, Seoi, and the one she wears like a lucky charm is a commemorative photo she took with Wheeseo. There was a back side to the photo, but the manager, who confirmed that the girls were not wearing any makeup, notified us that this wasn’t going to be opened.
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